Monday, 7 March 2011

Sexuality - Hardwired or Choice

Hardwired - is there any other answer.. the fact is most young teenagers have to deal with the fact that they are gay.. not deal with the fact that they have to make a choice. In fact most of them 'want to be normal' and have to then accept the fact they are gay... All these bible bashing loonies who believe it's an abomination on god need to get a grip.
Sure many young people are curious about their sexuality and may engage in casual homosexuality to find themselves, that's their choice but I believe that you either are or aren't there's no real in between. Homophobes are just insecure about their own sexuality.
As for bisexuals well that again is more hardwiring than choice... you can explore and try something sure but to engage in homosexual activity on a long term basis or feel a need for it is hardwired.
I'd be very surpirsed if there could be any other answer.

Actually though I did have an experience many years ago with a young women who was lesbian but not really by choice - or hardwired.

She had been repeatedly sexually abused as a child by her father and could not be intimate with a man as the sight or touch of a penis was so painful that to feel and express love she could only do so with with a women as the female body didn't offend like a man's did.

The one time she became sexually curious with a man ended in disaster and further degressed her recovery from her childhood experiences.

It would be unfair to say she chose her sexuality by choice because a child who is abused has no choice.

Ultimately this means she was hardwired but not in the conventional sense. Her horrific experience as a child hardwired her emotions and feelings in a way that the only possible way she could love to feel love was with a women. But it's not really hardwiring but programming that brought her there.

I don't know where she is or what she's doing today but only hope she's ok.

But I don't think the topic is controversial at all to me it's pretty clear cut, maybe that's because i don't follow any religion although not an athiest... confusing I know... my belief structure is just that a belief but not a religion... does religious belief prevent us from seeing what is extremely obvious to the rest of us?

Bottom line hardwired or programmed - but not by choice.

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