Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Topic

Seeing as you've all been so slack this week I thought i'd get in there nice and early (but really i don't want to get in trouble with Lisa).
So many topics to choose from, Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Bullying, Neapolitan Ice Cream which is your favourite flavour(strawberry) and which flavour shouldn't be there(chocolate)............. BUT i've decided on a topic that's been something I have had been thinking about for a long time.....

Current Affairs Programs - Benefit to Society or Detriment?

Oh yeah and next week's topic will be courtesy of Rachel


  1. Oh my god, I thought there was nobody else in the world who agrees that the "chocolate" in the neopolitan is crap.

  2. focus people focus!
    fyi - the strawb was always the flavour left in our carton

  3. don't be haters - strawberry ROCKS!!!
    down with chocolate

  4. strawberry ice cream never tastes like strawberries! Why is that? They should call it pinkycream.. I mean the colour doesnt even resemble strawberries...it's got nuthin!

  5. Wait wait wait... You're all forgetting the 'rules' when it comes to Neapolitan..
    1. Take as much out of the container of your favourite colour as you can.
    2. Accidently scoop out a bit of the other colours whilst trying to get ALL of your favourite colour out. (Note the use of the term 'colour'- this is due to the fact that NONE of them taste like they are supposed to).
    3. Realise you have accidently scooped out more of the 'unwanted' colours then expected.
    4. Have the slight pause and thought of "shit, look how much I have in my bowl?!"
    5. Think, "fuck it."
    6. Start eating your favourite colour.
    7. Get half way through and realise (a) that your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and (b)that at some point, you are going to have to eat the unwanted and uninvited colours.
    8. Stir the fuck out of it, creating that light poo colour.
    9. Finish the lot. Lick the bowl. Enjoy every bit.
    10. Still insist that you don't like the other colours.

  6. ....wait, what? It was fine until I got to that last bit.



  7. Yatayee...like like like!

    I think that we have established that Neopolitan Ice Cream should have been next weeks blog topic....

  8. I'm not racist but quite frankly chocolate should have it's own seperate divider so it doesn't youch and spoilt the magnificance of vanilla and strawberry