Monday, 7 March 2011

Sexuality - Choice or Hardwired?

It's kind of difficult to put my feelings on this matter into words. I may have a small mountain of screwed-up paper on my desk, each one covered in expletives and scribbles. Maybe.

I must have re-wrote this post at least 4 times today. And then, at one point, I decided; "Screw it," and re-wrote it from scratch. My mum read some of my drafts, and then said one of the most awesomest things I've ever heard; "I don't think that's how you really feel. I've spoken to you about this sort of thing before, and your opinions were much more extra cleverer than this." Psssh. I dunno about that.

So, my ever-helpful mum began to ask me the questions vital to this post, and I found myself answering them in ways I did not expect possible from me..... so, I'll write them here.

The first thing she asked me was "Is sexuality unavoidable, or is it something you choose for yourself?"

I have always felt that how you live is a choice, but who you are is not. You cannot help who you are. Your own sexuality is not determined by you, your life and your actions are. You can pretend to be whatever you like, but your actions alone will not change YOU.

You are stuck with your sexuality. Being stuck with it and not being able to deal with it are two seperate things, however. If you are, but don't want to be, say, bisexual, you have the right to act straight if you want to, but you will still be bisexual. Even if you deny it with all your heart.

You can't help what you feel.


  1. well said!

    Having had the pleasure of reading your draft (which was very good) I can say that by your final version you had organised your thoughts and communicated them more effectively. Well done! Some adults struggle to write this well. :D

  2. I still really love your picture - I want to see you drawing more, especially subjects you wouldn't normally have to touch :D