Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Public Transport - Love it, or hate it?

I thought this one might get the adrenaline pumping in people. It seems to provoke heated debate, so I'll provoke it too: Bring on the opinions, people!

Please use the label public transport.

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Next week's topic will be posted sometime Tuesday, by T-Bone.


  1. noh .. now i have to think

  2. yay! I am a public transport expert! Great topic :D

  3. Edina: "Anyone can use public transport darling!!"
    Saffy: "I know. That's the point."

    Just thought I'd throw that in, gotta love Absolutely Fabulous :)

    Although not extensive, I feel I have ample experience in this one,and am going to have quite a "Natalie" insight to this one.. Stay tuned :)

  4. Excellent! Was just watching that exact Ab Fab episode the other day... laugh much!! It's transport, and it's public! (the taxi...)