Monday, 18 April 2011

Weather in your FACE

So. After Elisa made a offhanded comment about people loving to put weather related content into their status updates it got me thinking.

I thought...
Am I guilty of this?
"Guilty" because I HATE benign drivel.

The answer is yes. I do do it. However much I hate weather status updates it is over-powered by my love of whining, bitching and ranting in general. So if I am uncomfortable for days on end then eventually, unfortunately for you, you are likely to hear about it.

So I decided to take a little look around Facebook.
First I went through my news feed. Yep, as I suspected. I have friends that LOVE to talk about the weather, there are a couple of them and it doesn't bother me so much, but I must admit once I get the gist of the status I dont read on.

Instead of exposing these friends in all their meteorological glory here on our blog I decided to go hunting for weather status updates of others in pages and groups for like minded weather enthusiasts. What I discovered was hundreds of non-specific weather groups. I grabbed a few snips of conversation and left as the effect was soporific to say the least.

well the cuddling bit did peak my interest....

Next I decided to find out what other people on Facebook thought about weather in status updates and found by far the most popular weather related facebook group.

498 people like this? Only 498...pfffft!

and this one....which I quite like

It would also seem that people who like to talk about weather probably share some of the thoughts of like minded domestic animals

and my personal favourites...

parallels people parallels!

But no matter what you opinion is on others inane weather status' I think that this group should have A LOT more members.

Now excuse me whilst I curl up in bed, and as is my custom, check my Bureau of Meteorology iPhone app for tomorrows forecast.

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  1. Dogbook... society has reached a new low.... oh only if dogs could talk i'm sure the most common thing a dog would say is F#@k you're stupid