Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Twit on MyFace

Well this certainly isn't going to be educational... more just opinion and like aresholes everyone's got one..

Facebook - most business I know are doing it wrong - in fact I think it's possible for businesses to use viral tactics like Westfields did a christmas or two ago with their $10,000 give away - something that whilst people got the shits with was very effective - but that really falls under the banner of viral marketing or guerilla marketing than social networking.
Ultimately the name suggest what it should be, social networking, it's just another for used by people and business individuals, similar to cocktail parties and golf tournaments. I generally steer clear personally of 'like'ing businesses as I don't really care about their message, Chikito is one I have kept because they use their no no no campaign very effectively. Everyone else I just 'hide' their posts. I believe facebook can be best used by individuals that are a business within a business. Paul Tonich of Altitude real estate is one of the few real estate agents who use facebook effectively and very well I might ad. Paul understand the balance between business and personal and uses it for both. I have a 'work' facebook and a personal one. The work one is filled with people in my indyustry and almost 100% that attempt to use it for business get it wrong. Posting 100% business message is a sure fire way to end up in the who cares basket. Too much personal and people may not want to do business with you. Paul has just about every past client as his Friend on Facebook, he gives us a little bit of his life and a little bit of his business. His past clients like to know he's doing well, they also know what he's up to and he knows what they are up to. So when he calls to keep in touch building that relationship is all that much easier. He gets to use it to offer tickets to the footy, restaurant vouchers etc. and he uses facebook to do so.
There are so man ybusiness under utilising a tool like facebook - Imagine if a restaurant had great service promoted that they were on facebook and posted photo's of guests, featured a meal and people could comment on how nice it was promting other people to head over and try it. Imagine if they knew that in a wednesday night they had only half the restaurant booked and used facebook to offer 2 for 1 deals and people would find out via facebook and the restaurant could take bookings and fill the restaurant. What if they used it to offer people who hadn't been to the restaurant in the last two months a 50% discount to come back. What an awesome opportunity.
Hairdresser, only a couple of booking for the upcoming tuesday so they offer free highlights or something. Use the social media to promote hair styles and make overs, sent you an 'inbox' when you were due for your next hair cut. But it has to be about PEOPLE not the BUSINESS. All business no matter what it is is built around PEOPLE. And that's the key if your business can focus on PEOPLE and not the business the business would prosper. But it has to be a blend nothing worse that having a business person invade your status updates with details of their latest product... exampels of people using the products different story... it's SOCIAL networking - keep it social or you be 'unlike'd and 'unfriended' or have your posts set to 'hide' very quickly.

Twitter I have only just started using and boy it's confusing at times.... it's hard to because you can't really invite people to follow you like you can ask them to be friends. I really only like following people who just tweet... For example I love Will Anderson however his tweet are filled with @'s #'s and all sorts of stuff i don't understand and as a comedian i just want him to write funny shit, but it's always promoting stuff and i find it very hard to follow.. I can't see that social connection that you have with facebook - twitter is for me simple voyerism - i like reading funny tweets, other than that no thanks and boy it gets confusing at time...

I'm T-Bone and that's my 34 cents worth!!


  1. I liked your 34 cents' worth - you have a bunch of good ideas in there. Wil Anderson is a pretty good guy to follow to begin with actually (another one is Conan O'Brien - http://twitter.com/conanobrien).

  2. for an "uniformed view" as you so call it you know what youre talking about. It is the same as Elisa pointed out with her "girl at the party" idea...the fact that it's really all just common sense, if people actually try to put themselves in the place of the user.

    btw...why does no one ever comment on my posts? I feel like I'm doing a bloody awful job or something? Constructive criticism is welcome as well! Or is just a case of "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything"...sigh

  3. also try following friedmanjon - i'd say him and conan are the funniest two i've found on twit so far