Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Aha... topic time

You're killin' me. I ran out of time to do a proper job of last week's topic, so naturally I've forgotten that really awesome topic I thought of earlier in the week. So I've done what anyone would do in my situation: I turned to Facebook for some inspiration. (Don't judge.)

According to my friends there, certain topics require a lot of updates. Theoretically this method of choosing should make it a topic that more guest writers want to contribute to. (Please?) Drumroll: the topic is: The weather.

Bitch about the cold, sing its praises, moan that your washing just got wet, tell a story, draw a picture, make a flowery poem, take a photo of awesome clouds, create an in-depth article about the tsunami's devastation in Japan. I don't care what you do, just do something this week, and we will love you.

Please use the label weather.

Tag: T-Bone.


  1. In my...not very valuable opinion...we are doing an awesome job contributing at all. When I think about us three "hard core" contributors the common factor is that we are all extraordinarily busy people, all with jobs and or study and kids in school, or kids at home,weekend sport and extra curricular activities, and some of us wih a budding stand up comedy career.

    We dont need more contributors because we are not AWESOME enough....no no no... we just need diversity.

    If you are reading this and thinking of contributing dont feel that you will be locked in to contributing every week (thats our job),...we are happy for you to drop by whenever you like.

  2. Indeed! Particularly in controversial topics, we tend to mainly agree. I'd love to see someone write something that calls me dead wrong (as long as they tell me why). Actually I'd like to see anything new and different. We hardcores can change what we post from week to week, I'd just like to see something a bit different and original as well. For fun! Because it's interesting :)

  3. oh my.... whenever i'm with someone I dont know very well and there's a little bit of an uncomfortable silence... I usually quip 'How's the weather lately'.. hoping i don't really get an answer

    However saying something interesting about the weather is going to be more challenging than last weeks home work challenge