Monday, 18 April 2011

FECK! It's Hot....

... but you're not going to convince me it's due to Global Warming and that Man is causing it through it's carbon emmissions.

Yes yes i've seen the inconvenient truth and i've heard the propagander but i'm not sold... I'm not saying i believe whole heartedly one way or the other. The earth is millions and millions of years old and humans have been around for what like 40,000 years or so at best. Records of temperatures etc. are in the hundreds of years. Scientifically speaking the sample size that we are using is just way too small, think about it, would you conduct an experiment that involved 0.00000000000003% of the sample size to come to a conclusion.

Don't get me wrong humans have and are still fucking shit up on this planet, we have treated the earth like a whore and i'm disgusted with the utter contemp we and our forefathers have treated this earth and our selfish nature in which we assume that the entire earth is here purely for our pelasure and leasure.

But the arguement that we are causing the planet to get hotter i dunno man.. Seriously Sydney was F'n hot when we first moved here in 1990 and the first 3/4 years were just HOT... then things seemed OK and then again in 2003/2004 it seemed F'n hot again... those years seemed hotter that it has for the last two years. So my the very laymans terms and at the coal face... it's ain't really got any hotter.. The earths climate has changed, elnino and shit like that but why do we expect it wouldn't change??

I'm not about to jump on a bandwagon and wave a flag. For me it's almost a bit like convincing me that God is real.... Bascially I don't believe in God and almighty being controlling all of our lives and granting our wishes. Do I believe in the presence of spirits and a spirit world yes... So do I believe in Climate Change .. no do I believe that the weather is getting a little crazy yes.

Is it our fault... no doubt humans are having an impact but Mother Nature is one nasty bitch... she can still fuck shit up when she wants to and teach us a thing or two about messing with the planet.

I'm not sold... am I a climate change denier? no and I climate change believer? no then what am I? I don't know really all I know is that I haven't noticed a difference, going around from year to year I can't say with any sort of certainty that i've noticed any differences. Sure it doesn't really help that I haven't spent more than 3 1/2 years in teh one place since I was 10 years old that includes going from state to state on a regular basis... so it's hard for me to tell. But if climate change is so dramatic wouldn't have I noticed it more.. Do i really pay attention not really...

I just don't get all warm and fuzzy about saving the planet for generations to come... i just figure shit will be the way it will be and I accept whatever it becomes.. Whilst the idea of sending society back to the primitave days delights me, living off the land, with just stick and stones, hunting and gathering and the best part would be how would you know any better, the simple life. But lets face it we can't we ain't going backwards. so what do we do? As individuals what change can we make? bugger all if you ask me... sure i'll recycle and plant trees and shit like that but I'm not about to bouycott energy or technology.

I can't make my mind up but do I have to make it up... aren't I allowed to simply be uncertain and be willing to see how things pan out and make up my mind down the track if at all? Am I being irresponsible for not really caring that much because I can't tell the difference or see any noticable change?

I don't know th answers to most of these questions but I kind of get the feeling that i'm not unlike many people...

But put away your climate change bibles cos i hate bible stories... accept the fact that i'm not convinced one way or the other and accept that you can not change my mind, partly because there's too much information for both sides of the arguement and partly because I don't care and partly because I'm a very logical person and the climate change agruement seems to be one that's filled with emotion... at the end of the day I feel that logically speaking there's no real way for us to tell if the changes to the planet are suppoed to happen how can we tell what carbon dioxide isn't better for the planet than harmful and that and i'm lazy when it comes to reading and unless there are lots of pretty pictures with topless women in them i'm highly unlikely to pay any attention to them.

But Feck it's getting cold at nights these days hey?


  1. LOL! Actually, we completely fail at presenting an argument as soon as we say that nobody will ever change our opinion on any matter. It renders our entire argument invalid and relegates it to a sermon.

    Oh and you have it bang-on when you mention the emotion of it all. You see, the climate-change believers tried being polite about it way-back-when. Most people ignored it because hey, they can't feel any difference so if we can't see it it ain't real, right?

    Then things kept getting worse and people kept MEHing and so people got more upset and urgent in trying to make people listen. Violins, harps, megaphones etc. It's caused a backlash where people are Sick To Death of hearing their whines (you're one of the backlashers, I guess). I don't really blame ya. You're now no longer listening at all. So you won't hear truth even if someone explains it perfectly and in ways that you couldn't argue with - you've closed your ears and anything they say is automatic bullshit to you before they even start. Shrug... but I can't help thinking you seem way too smart to never want to learn anything else in your life!

    And I don't really believe you will never change your mind, actually, or you wouldn't have asked your question at the end. Namely, that if climate change is happening why haven't you noticed? Here's your answer: Conduct an experiment. Get hold of a thermometer and set it somewhere that isn't air-conditioned. See if you can guess the temp in the room each day, *before* you look at it. You'll never get it right, in fact, you'll often be at least 5 or 10 degrees out. That's why you can't "feel" a climate change of 2 or 3 degrees that's taken several years to happen - our skins aren't scientists after all, so you aren't going to notice if this year had one extra day of one degree hotter.

  2. Oh and btw... I saw you say once that you didn't believe climate change existed. When people explained why it does, you changed your tune to: Well yes it does exist, but I don't think humans did it. And now, if I understand you correctly above, you've changed it again, to: Well maybe humans did it, but maybe it's good.

    I call shenanigans on all three... stick to what you really feel: I don't actually give a shit if global warming exists, if it's man-made or if it's a bad thing, because I do what I want.

    Grow a pair and call a spade a spade ;) Nobody will be able to mount a reasoned argument about it!

    The problem with dancing around and defending what you don't quite believe in is that people will keep convincing you why you're wrong. You'll provoke more whiny climate change cryers with their unwashed dreadlocks and peace signs all trying to badger you for donations to Greenpeace.

  3. Nor shit I just spent 20 minutes replying and then the computer f'd up.

    What i was saying was fair call on some parts. My opinion has varied and continues to vary - firstly the time i said i didn't believe in it i was really just fishing for a fight cos I can't stand people defending this current governemnt and that comment was purely for cause and effect.

    Honestly I did believe it was real I did believe that climate change deniers are off their trolleys, but now with the carbon tax shoved down our throat i've heard and seen more from both sides than ever before and now I really don't know one way or the other if it's real, if it's man causing it or if it's all a load of hippy mumbo jumbo.

    Truth be told - I don't care - and don't even know why i'd have to choose a side.

    I'm a realist enough to know that my political beliefs right now do bias my opinion, i also realise that every time i hear or see both sides of either arguement that I am hearing a biased view. I'd love to see an unbiased representation of both sides of the arguemnt however Idoubt that will happen plus I want it to be easy to digest because I'm not a huge fan or reading or stury.

    But i don't believe it's the single most importan issue facing mankind, mankind is the single greatest issue facing mankind.. I'd rather research and spend time helping something like the A21 Campaign that deals with slavery and the sex trade and abuse of women and children.

    So i'm not going to man up and call a spade a spade because it's not an issue i really care about - those that feel one way or the other are passionate about their beliefs... but so are fundamentalist muslims and radicals. Call me a climate change atheist - whatever. I just really don't care and don't want to make a decision or decide if it's real, fake or whatever. Let's fix mankind because to be truthfully honest I struggle to feel we deserve this planet and to life on it. I love my friends, family and life itself but I hate mankind as a whole for what it does to the planet but more importantly what we do to each other. No other species in the world treats their own kind like we do.... Somethime I think big deals if it's hear for future generations unless we change as a race and being we're fucked anyway

  4. Did you just write about climate change and then choose carbon dioxide tax for the next topic?
    I am going to stab myself in the eye with a pen!

  5. You still use a pen.... yes well you wanted topics with differeing opinions - however they are two completely seperate topics really - Carbon Tax isn't about climate change

    At least i'm writing about stuff... hurumph..bzzz bzzz ;D