Monday, 2 May 2011

Do-Whatever Week

It's the beginning of May and the blog has been a bit quiet. We all got walloped with other important, unavoidable commitments (you know, school holidays, overtime, long weekends, intense binge-drinking sessions and the like). Things which took up all our time and our, erm, intellects.

But we're back - or will be this week - and this week is a free-for-all. Contribute anything you want. Anything you created, that is. Any topic you like. Give it whatever tags suit.

PS: NO MORE "DEADLINES" - we're not W-word, that horrible place that horrible cruel bosses expect you to do stuff before they will pay you at the end of the week. So from now on, we'll just start a topic and you add to it when you like. Same day, or end of the week, whenever. It's up yours. :)

YES THIS MEANS that if you also suddenly feel like telling us your opinion on these things, it isn't too late:
  • Sexuality - Choice or Hardwired
  • Replacing cash with card, nation wide, convenience or curse?
  • Current Affairs Programs - Benefit to society or detriment?
  • Facebook & Twitter: Serious business tools, or just messing around?
  • Fiction Challenge
  • The Weather
  • Carbon Tax
We know you've got opinions on things. We don't bite. Well, except Troy, and he's had his shots. ;)


  1. Hey!! and this week's post if Just for Lisa <b

  2. You didn't bloody create that post!!!